New Year is a time to reflect on what has been and to look forward to the year ahead. I love the idea of a fresh white page to put your mark on. It’s a time to consider new possibilities, make necessary changes and dream big. January is when I take stock of my life and show myself some much-needed love. I look at where I need to make some edits - from my home to my wardrobe. I’ve spent the last week nesting and showing our bedroom some TLC and I’m loving the results that a few detailed changes can make.

Photography by Pear & Bear

Jewellery maybe the last thing on your mind after Christmas. It feels like an extravagance to be considering your jewellery box and dreaming of that next piece you’d like to add to your collection. However, just as I’ve been “editing” a room in my home, I’d encourage you to take stock of what jewellery you have and consider making some changes. Think about what pieces of jewellery you will keep, the items that you’ve not worn for years and the bits of costume jewellery that hold no value or emotional tie. Save the jewellery that’s precious, pass on the jewellery you no longer wear for someone else to love and take a look at the gaps in your jewellery box. Are you short on studs? Do you need an everyday necklace? Are you wanting some necklaces to layer with other pieces, does your arm need a new cuff or bracelet or your fingers need some ring candy?

Loving ourselves and self-gifting is something we’re not great at as we often put ourselves last. But in the spirit of making some important and necessary changes this January, put yourself first and show yourself and your jewellery box some love and TLC. This doesn’t have to break the bank either. We currently have the most amazing archive sale with handmade limited edition items from Anna Beck to semi-precious gems by Astley Clarke. Shop our Archive Sale here.

As I step into January I’ve been thinking about how I can be more sustainable. My aim in 2020 is to buy less but buy well. I’m investing in shopping locally (loving the dress I’m wearing above which I purchased from local Southwell indie, Real Clothing.) I’m wearing clothes that I recently got from Last Night I Dreamt’s Lisa’s Clothes swishing event, I’m rediscovering and reloving things within my wardrobe and my jewellery box and wearing them afresh. I’m looking at this year's jewellery trends (see our latest TRENDS blog) and seeing what I have already and then shopping with purpose for the things that will add to my jewellery arsenal. It’s time to be more mindful of the choices we make in how we spend our money. Instead of buying several pieces of jewellery for a quick fix, consider saving up and investing in a timeless piece of jewellery by Anna Beck or one of our other best selling designers.

Photography by Pear & Bear

So, just as we need to do a self-check-in January, why not spend a little time doing a jewellery audit and show yourself and your jewellery box some love. Happy editing and let’s embrace this new year and roar our way into the twenties!


Rebecca x