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We love spending time with Brides at Last Night I Dreamt in helping them style their jewellery to work with the dress and accessories they’ve chosen for their special day. Often jewellery can be an afterthought; the venue, catering, dress and flowers are all booked well in advance but the bride rushes into the boutique a week before her Wedding Day in a blind panic, realising she hasn’t considered her bridal jewellery. At Last Night I Dreamt we believe jewellery can be the finishing touch that ties everything else together. That simple detail can be the very thing that brings the bridal look alive. We’ve curated a wedding collection to cover all your jewellery needs for your special day from your jewellery, the bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and even the groom. These collections have been carefully selected through years of experience of working with brides.

We also offer a free consultation service for all brides with a glass of fizz. Book your private consultation by calling the boutique.

With thanks to Pear and Bear Photography for the use of images on this page.