We are beyond excited to be offering one of the hottest jewellery trends in our Southwell boutique. Welded bracelets!

Using a simple welding method we secure the most beautiful, delicate gold or silver chain to perfectly fit your wrist with a seamless, clasp-less finish. The perfect 'forever' memento.

Your Welding Experience

Our welding appointments include a visit to our luxury jewellery boutique in Southwell, where you will find our bespoke welding studio.

Each appointment will last for around 20 minutes and is £20 per person.

During your appointment you will be able to choose from a range of silver and 9ct gold chains. You can view these below. There will also be charms available to add to your bracelet to allow you to personalise your piece.

Each appointment is for just one person at a time. However, if you would like to have a welding appointment with a friend just book our duo appointment on our system. We can also offer welding parties too! Find out more here.

Your welding appointment will include the following:

- Your welding experience in our bespoke studio.
- A specialist cleaning cloth for your jewellery.
- The Last Night I Dreamt 'look after your bracelet' card.
- A refreshment of your choice.

The bracelet and charms you choose will be an additional charge to the appointment fee.


Below you will find an example of the available chains and pricing for your welded bracelet.