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Los Angeles based designer Becky Hosmer's deep love of travel is the heart of Anna Beck.  As a collector, Becky gathers inspiration through her travels.  The spirit of exploring vibrant cultures around the world shapes the colours and textures of each design. Anna Beck jewellery is collected and loved for its handmade quality and unique signature style. 
Every piece of jewellery is 100% handmade at the workshop in Bali.  The talented artisans honour one of the regions oldest handcrafted techniques to create the signature look. Tiny disks are placed individually by hand and undergo a multi-step process, meaning that each piece can take days to create. The unique design process and the care and devotion taken by the craftsmen come together to make each design truly original.
Rebecca discovered Anna Beck online and instantly fell in love with her bohemian designs. A boho girl at heart, the layered necklaces, stacking cuffs and multiples rings are right up Last Night I Dreamt’s street. Last Night I Dreamt is incredibly proud to have stocked Anna Beck at the start of its journey as a brand in the UK and it continues to be our best selling and much loved brand.






Anna Beck Stargaze Collection Stockist


Are you an Anna Beck jewellery stockist?

Yes! We stock Anna Beck jewellery within our Nottinghamshire jewellery store as well as online too. We often have some very limited edition collections from Anna Beck so keep an eye on updates and announcements from us as to when these collections arrive. 

Do you have Anna Beck in your Nottinghamshire jewellery shop?

You can shop our Anna Beck collection in two ways, firstly by visiting our jewellery shop in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. By shopping this way you can take a good look at the collections that we have in person. You can also shop this iconic jewellery designer through our website too.