Here at Last Night I Dreamt we get that buying a ring can be tricky and for the purposes of our online boutique we’ve provided a ring-sizing chart below. Before choosing a ring think about the style of ring you would like. A fine band ring will fit looser than a wider band ring (for example our Anna Beck saddle ring.)

From our experience in the boutique fingers may vary in size throughout the day and seasons due to temperature changes and if a ring is tight when your hands are warm it will feel much looser when they are cold (your ring size may vary up to half a size when your hands are cold & warm!) There should be some tension when pushing a ring on over the knuckle and the ring should feel tight enough that it doesn’t easily fall off.

Last Night I Dreamt is here to help and if you’re at all unsure of your ring size and able to pop into our boutique then we’ll be able to size you for a ring. Alternatively, us jewellers are a friendly bunch so pop into a local jeweller and ask if they’ll measure the finger you’d like to purchase a ring for.