It’s never been more important to be grateful, or if you want to say it fancy, practice gratitude. Research consistently associates gratitude with happiness, mental health and even physical health.

Reflecting on things I’m thankful for has such a positive impact on me personally, so when the wonderful Rebecca asked if I wanted to share what I’ve been grateful for through lockdown - I was more than happy to, whether that be a pair of trousers that have been my go-to, or a particular pal on the end of the phone, it doesn’t matter how big or small, how fickle or meaningful, it feels good to write them down - the world just feels a little bit better afterwards!

So here we go, my names Jenn and here’s a few things I’ve been grateful for pre, during and I’m predicting, post lockdown, with a couple of links if you like the sound of them and want to make a purchase (links to my pals are not currently available, but I’ll work on it!) 

It goes without saying that I am grateful for family, friends, my health and theirs, but I wanted to share a few things that you could get your hands on too. 

Nottingham Jewellery blogger

These trousers are the perfect mix between trouser and jogger. I know it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing on your lower half on a day of conference calls, but for me it’s important to still feel like I’ve shown up and make me feel like I’ve made a bit of effort.

Anna Beck Nottingham Jewellery Stockist

Goes without saying that this is one of my favourite necklaces. I love wearing it with a simple black tee, all the way through to a floaty dress at a wedding - it goes with everything and always makes me feel ‘ready’ when I put it on! I put it on at the weekend at the minute, ‘coz you know, Sainsbury’s!

Nottingham style Blogger

I’ve worn perfume everyday of lockdown, I even wear it when I go for a run! I know it’s slightly odd to do that but I just love what memories perfume can both create and bring back. My lockdown perfume has been Stella Mccartney as it’s my normal workday to day perfume, I think it’s helped get me in that ‘work mindset’ whilst working from home. At weekends I’ll treat myself to a bit of Jo Malone, Myrrh and Tonka - one of my favourites!

  • Upping my skincare

Like many, skincare has been a strong focus - I’ve still been wearing a bit of makeup in the day so it’s been important to keep on top of my skincare in the evenings, but because so many people are doing Instagram lives tutorials - (if you’ve not tuned into Cher Webb’s skincare Sunday you’re missing out) - I’ve been influenced left right and centre to try new things! My spenny lockdown purchase has been the Kate Somerville Exfolikate but totally worth it, my skin felt incredible after the very first time using it, I wish I’d seen this bundle offer earlier though as you get 3 products cheaper than what the exfoliator costs alone!

  • Staying connected

Zoom users went up from 10million to 300million during lockdown, and I am definitely one of them! One of the highlights of my week has been our Friday night quiz night with pals and I’ve seen some of my families faces more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years!

One thing I’m really missing is getting ready with the girls before a night out (I’m not on my own that that’s the best bit right?!) so a few of us are having a virtual ‘get ready’ night this weekend to try out some Charlotte Tilbury makeup we all bought - @makeupbyhelenrose_ we blame you, but thank you! On that note, I’m more grateful for my pals Nik and Vik than anything else. 

Nottingham Piano Lessons

  • Piano lessons

I used to play when I was younger and then last year my boyfriend (actually fiancé, but eugh) bought me an electric piano, so I thought it was time to give more than chopsticks a go! A piano teacher (@j.o.piano on instagram) in Nottingham was recommended to me who was offering Skype lessons and I’ve been doing that for a couple of months now - can’t believe how much better I’ve got! Definitely recommend you checking out his Instagram, even if it’s just to listen to him practice! 

Nottingham beauty blogger

On the subject of Jo, his girlfriend Louisa is a private chef in Nottingham and we’ve had a couple of hand-delivered meals from her which are absolutely delicious, she was on Masterchef The Professionals a few years ago and she’s such a talent - I recommend giving her a follow too @cheflouisaellis 

Nottingham lifestyle blogger

Thought it would be quite fitting to end on my favourite journal, as it does exactly what I talked about at the beginning - gives you an opportunity to write down a few things you're grateful for on a daily basis, whilst making notes of any to do’s for the next day and calm your mind before bed - it’s something I’ve used daily and honestly, if you only take one thing from this whole blog, it’s the power of writing down what you’re grateful for. If you don’t do it already, I think you’ll be surprised the impact it can have on your mind.

Thanks Rebecca for inviting me to guest blog on your website, I can’t wait to be able to come and visit you and your beautiful store again in Southwell soon x

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