LNID celebrates strong women and the strong women behind them!

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Today is International Woman’s Day 2022 so we decided what better way to celebrate than to launch our Mother’s Day Blog and celebrate a few women and Mama’s who inspire us at Last Night I Dreamt. Not only that, for 24 hours only we’re giving you the chance to shop our website and all newness with a flash 24 hours only 15% OFF on orders over £45. Read the blog to discover the code!

We asked a few faves of Last Night I Dreamt to tell us what Mother’s Day means to them and what their favourite piece is from our Nottingham jewellery shop and leading UK online jewellery boutique. Featuring some of our faves for Mother’s Day including a brand who we proudly discovered, that you can shop now on our website, Hannah Bourn


I was raised by a strong woman. By strength I mean my mum is strong in empathy, compassion and kindness. My mum gave me the strength to admit when I’m wrong, to know that to be a good enough mum is enough. My sister (another “strong” inspiring woman in my life) and I are forever grateful for you. I look at my children, Reuben and Beatrice and I strive to nurture the true meaning of strength that you showed me, in them. 

Best friend jewellery

Hannah Bourn’s jewellery is available online now and instore in our Nottingham Jewellery Shop in Southwell from Friday. An example of women supporting women, Rebecca met Hannah before she went to study at Central St Martin’s and having a strong feeling about her, Rebecca asked Hannah to come back with her first collection, which she did. We’re super proud to be the first to discover Hannah Bourn and you can shop the full collection here

Hannah Bourn - In-Line Fragmented Shell Necklace - £275

Della Draper – Director of Daniella Draper and Mum to Daniella and Holly.

“Mother’s Day always brings home to me how blessed I am, not only is my own mother still alive, but also how lucky I am with the relationship I have with Daniella and Holly. They are my daughters but also my friends and business partners. I am so proud of the women they have become and it’s such a pleasure to see Daniella mature as a mother herself."

Adjustable rings
Fun jewellery

The Trace Chain Baby Heart Bracelet and Tiny Cupid Hoops.

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Alex Monroe - Designer and founder of Alex Monroe Jewellery

Daisy London Jewellery

“I love mother’s day. My mum is 91 so we’re throwing a huge party for her to make up for the lost time during covid. It’s always tricky to celebrate my mum and my children's mum (that’s my wife Denise of course) all on the same day. But this year Denise will be in Ireland. Denise’s sister died a few years ago so she thought it would be nice to be with her nephew on Mother’s day. Which is a lovely idea. So I’ll be looking after my mum and Denise will be spending time with her nephew… it’s all about connecting with family really, and counting our blessings.”

Our LNID x AM Rays of Love Exclusive.

LNID x AM Rays of Love Exclusive - £165
Pearl jewellery

Cordelia Hearts (Jenn) – PR Manager and new mum to Erin

“I never thought this day would ever be more than celebrating my own mum, which I know in itself is a blessing. But this year we finally get to celebrate Mother’s Day together. It really is a wish come true.”

Photo by: @fayewildephotography

Metier diamond jewellery
Astley clarke locket

Astley Clarke Medium Astley Locket in Gold.

Astley Clarke Medium Astley Locket in Gold - £175

Laura Vann - Designer and Founder V by Laura Vann

Metier diamond jewellery

"Mother’s Day means so much more to me this year than ever before. Since having my first baby in June, only now can I finally appreciate the joy, the hard work, the long days, the short months, the tears, the peels of laughter and the all consuming love that goes into being a mother. So this March I will look forward to celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mum and (knowing what I know now) giving my own mum a slightly bigger squeeze this year."

Laura Vann Jewellery

The V by Laura Vann Tilly Ring.

The V by Laura Vann Tilly Ring – From £75

Sara Christie - Designer and founder of By Sara Christie

“Becoming a mum makes you realise you can do almost anything. One handed!I am not raising little boys.  I am trying to raise good men.   Raising boys to be good men. I am a Mama.  I am not bossy.  I am The Boss.”

Metier diamond jewellery

Claudia Bradby - Designer and founder of Claudia Bradby Jewellery

Metier diamond jewellery

"Mother’s Day is rather special when you’re a mother and a chance to pause and celebrate special connections…from my own mum, to my mum’s mum, to my own children. I like to think about that strong connection of that female line going back and I hope going forward. I particularly like thinking about all my friends who are mums and the strong bond between us all. The piece I selected was inspired by a shell my Mum brought back from a beach in Australia where I was born – they lived right on the beach."

claudia bradby jewellery

LNID x CB Exclusive Necklace- A Dreamer I Walked Enchanted

A Dreamer I Walked Enchanted - £165

Jessica de Lotz - Designer and owner of Jessica de Lotz Jewellery

"Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothering figures. Be it Aunties, God-mothers and of course, Mums. I know our Mother’s Day as always will be a big one with all my family in honour of our Mum. The ultimate women and radiating ball of energy in my life. "

Metier diamond jewellery

Sarah Jackson - founder of Raf and Grace

Metier diamond jewellery

"Mother’s Day to me is about recognising what my Mum has done for me. Always putting me and my sister first). Teaching me how to be a Mother is my own two girls. I look at my two children every day in amazement that they are mine. Feeling gratitude for them in my life, their health and happiness every day and especially on Mother’s Day."

Katy - Dare to Be You Coach

"Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me this year! Not only am I privileged enough to share it with my own amazing, loving and kind mother, it’s my first one as a mother myself - for which I am so blessed and so immensely grateful! Now over the years we (me and my sister) have honoured our mum in some questionable ways (one year we got her a willy lolly from skeg) but it was and never will be about the things we got her, it’s about the time we spend together that will always mean so much! And I hope that me and my daughter will have the same over the years - cherished time to celebrate, love, show gratitude and appreciation for each other!"

Metier diamond jewellery

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