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The curated ear trend is set to stay and Last Night I Dreamt has championing the look from the very beginning. With that in mind and to celebrate the arrival of lots of gorgeous Astrid & Miyu newness, here’s our comprehensive guide to piercings. From which piercing is which, how to clean a new piercing, the health benefits of a piercing and of course our favourite brands and go to earrings at Last Night I Dreamt. Let’s go…

Piercing Glossary

Astrid and Miyu

Image courtesy of our curated ear brand Astrid & Miyu

There are many ways to curate your ear starting from the lobe to the helix. The below glossary will explain all the names and the types of earrings they are typically pierced with:

1. Lobe Piercing - pierced with a stud or hoop

2. Upper Lobe Piercing - pierced with a stud or hoop

3. Snug - pierced with a stud

4. Conch - pierced with a stud

5. Helix - pierced with a stud or hoop. 

6. Outer Conch - pierced with a stud

7. Anti-Tragus - pierced with a stud

8. Tragus - pierced with a stud

9. Daith - pierced with a stud or hoop

10. Rook - pierced with a stud or hoop

11. Forward Helix - pierced with a stud or hoop

How painful will it be?

Lobe piercings are the least painful and often heal within 6-12 weeks. The Tragus is often considered the most painful piercing. Any cartilage piercing takes much longer to heal as it’s one of the thickest parts of the ear. People have different pain thresholds, so we say choose a piercing you really love!

How can I keep my piercing clean?

Keep your new piercing clean with a saline solution. You can buy this over the counter from a local chemist or to make a saline solution, mix 250ml of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and place it on the piercing for 5 minutes followed by a water rinse.

It’s really important you keep a fresh piercing clean to stop any infections occurring. 

When can I change my piercing?

6 weeks for lobe 12 weeks for cartilage! HOWEVER, we are all different! It took almost a year for my helix piercing to stop hurting! 

Let’s talk earrings 

You’ve had a fresh piercing, it’s healed nicely and you’re ready for new sparkles. Here’s our top picks of brands and sparkles to curate your ear with from our Nottingham jewellery shop, Last Night I Dreamt.

Astrid & Miyu 

Astrid & Miyu

Last Night I Dreamt, UK stockists of Astrid & Miyu London. Our Nottingham Astrid & Miyu ear bar has recently had a top up. Create an Astrid and Miyu ear stack and your ear will scream pretty:

Create an ear stack

Earring 1: Astrid & Miyu Molten hoops £69

Astrid & Miyu 

Earring 2: Astrid & Miyu Huggie hoop…Something like the bold huggie £59 or the Navette fan huggie £55

Astrid and Miyu

Earring 3: Astrid & Miyu Ear Cuff Don’t have a piercing? Want a little something extra? Add an ear cuff eg our new Astrid & Miyu Wishbone Ear Cuff £35 

Astrid and Miyu

Earring 4: Astrid & Miyu Shooting Star Barbelladd a single piercing to your helix. We love the new...

Astrid & Miyu

Did you know…

Astrid & Miyu

According to Acupuncturists, different piercings are said to actually alleviate pain, so there's all the more reason to get one!

The reason for this is because certain piercings are located close to acupuncture points on the body's meridians of energy.

V by Laura Vann

Last Night I Dreamt UK stockist of V by Laura Vann. Nottingham stockist of V by Laura Vann, you will love the newness that’s just landed.

Love your lobe with a chubby hoop. This will look fab in hole number 1 on your lobe! 

v by laura vann jewellery

V by Laura Vann Mariah Pink Chubby Hoop Earrings - £89

Add a huggie…

Rebecca wears the Alice Opal in her second lobe piercing and also her helix piercing! 

v by laura vann jewellery

V by Laura Vann Alice Opal huggies - £70

Add a stud…

v by laura vann jewellery

V by Laura Vann Stella stud - £35

Daisy London 

Last Night I Dreamt Daisy London UK stockist. Our Nottingham jewellery shop has a fabulous Daisy London jewellery collection. We are one of Daisy London’s main UK stockists and have shouted loud about this brand since we opened nearly 6 years ago! 

Begin with

Daisy London

Daisy London Athena Hoop £119 in your first lobe 

Add a huggie hoop

Daisy London Jewellery

Daisy London Iota Daisy Hoop Earrings £69

Add a stud 

Daisy London Jewellery

Daisy London stacked round beaded huggie £35

Rachel Jackson London

Last Night I Dreamt Rachel Jackson London UK stockist. Nottingham stockist of Rachel Jackson London. Our Nottingham jewellery boutique proudly holds the largest Rachel Jackson London collection in Nottinghamshire. 

Let’s begin with new in: 

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson London Mother of Pearl T Bar Threader Earrings £70 

Add a huggie 

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson London Mini Mother of Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings £70

Add another simple huggie to the snug piercing:

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson London Huggie Hoop Earrings £40

Add a cuff

Rachel Jackson Jewellery

Rachel Jackson Punk Ear Cuff £40

Last Night I Dreamt can advise you on which earring works for which piercing e.g. depending on the size of your Tragus & Helix piercing you can wear a barbell, a huggie or a clicker from our Astrid & Miyu Nottingham Ear bar. Book a consultation here and we’ll help you curate your ear at our Nottingham jewellery shop. BOOK HERE

More is more when it comes to your ear so go for it and have one hell of an ear party! Shop our entire earring collection here.

Love Rebecca x

With thanks to Alex Archer Make Up for the image in this blog.