Since working here at the boutique my love for jewellery has become more of an obsession. I am constantly eyeing up and trying on all the new bits that come in adding them to my long wish list of future purchases. I am definitely a gold girl, there is something about a simple outfit and lots of chunky gold jewellery that really gets me excited. When you pop into the boutique there are a few staple pieces that you will most likely catch me wearing, I have managed to get these down to my top 5 for you (in no particular order of course)!

  1. Tilly Sveaas 50cm Gold T-Bar - £100

Jewellery Shop Southwell, Nottingham

My most worn necklace of all time and also a best seller in the Boutique. This is a perfect piece for layering and just looks good with everything!


  1. Amai Duo Gold Rings - £100

Nottinghamshire Jewellery Shop

This ring I love because it’s like you’re getting two rings for the price of one. I love to stack these both on one finger for a nice chunky look, but these can also be split up and worn individually. Who doesn’t love a versatile piece?!


  1. Soru Mondello Earrings - £220

Southwell Jewellery shop

Now these are my night out party earrings and have prize place in my jewellery box. I first saw these on the blogger Amelia Liana then spotted Rosie Huntington-Whitley in them. When we got them in the shop, I just knew I had to have them and was lucky enough to receive them as a Christmas prezzie from the lovely Becca!

(Ring up the Boutique or pop in for more info on Soru)

  1. Astrid and Miyu Gold Boyfriend Cuff - £40

Nottinghamshire Jewellery Shop

I love how much of a statement this cuff makes and is perfect as you don’t need a piercing to wear it.


  1. Anna Beck Gold Horn Necklace - £185

Southwell Shopping

This is the most recent addition to my jewellery collection and I’ve already found myself reaching for it loads. I especially love layering it with the Anna Beck Bar and Ring Chain Choker (CLICK HERE)


As for my wish list, here are a few pieces I’ve got my eye on…

  • Rachel Jackson Statement Chevron Choker Necklace - £115

Southwell Shops

I love how simple yet eye catching this necklace is and think it would be a perfect layering piece.


  • Kim Minchin Baby Amalfi Hoop Earrings With Clear - £130

Southwell Jewellery Shop

These timeless drop earrings actually have a removable charm so you can wear as a simple hoop as well. I absolutely love the whole Amalfi collection it really is so beautiful!

Available soon


  • Rachel Jackson Queen of Revelry Hoop Earrings - £95

Nottingham Contemporary Jewellery

These are definitely going to be entering my collection before summer starts. They are the perfect size hoop to wear day or night, dressed up or dressed down.


Remember you can make your own wish list on our website to keep all your favourites in one place (and maybe accidentally leave it open on your laptop?!), happy shopping!!

With Love, Libby x