As a self-confessed jewellery obsessive there are so many things I could potentially write about, so as I’m sat here writing my very first Last Night I Dreamt blog it’s tricky to know where to begin. My editorial section will hopefully provide monthly bite size info on anything from styling advice to my favourite brands of the moment. I’m not writing as an expert but from the heart and from the experience of running my little boutique in Southwell, meeting and chatting with my lovely designers and customers and from my huge passion for jewellery.

So maybe it’s best to begin with what’s currently on my dressing table. I’m sure us girls are all the same. We have a jewellery box full of jewels, or a wardrobe filled with dresses but we’ll always pick up and put on our favoured few. Each night my dressing table is mostly covered in Anna Beck jewellery that I’ve worn that day (and will most likely wear the next day too!)

I’ve lived and breathed Anna Beck since I welcomed the brand into the boutique two years ago. I’ve always been quite bohemian in my style, from my DM and patchwork dungaree wearing teens (don’t ask!) to my current obsession with floaty maxi and midi dresses. Anna Beck jewellery lends itself to layering (we’ll talk more about that in future blogs!) Layering necklaces automatically creates a less formal, more thrown together and eclectic look. With Anna Beck the distinctive dotting technique ties each piece of jewellery together. Cleverly you’re able to layer necklaces, cuffs and rings and wear an entire collection without it looking too “matchy matchy” or over styled. Laid back bohemian luxury at it’s best. I can remember meeting Jo from Anna Beck when I first viewed the collection at the boutique here in Southwell. Jo walked into the shop wearing a simple tee and jeans but was dripping in Anna Beck. Far from looking gaudy or overdone, I was completely in awe of Jo’s boho vibe and immediately I was hooked by the Anna Beck magic.

I’m a sucker for a story too. Anna Beck is designed by the wonderfully creative Becky and handmade in Bali by a group of artisans. 100% made by hand from start to finish using an ancient Balinese technique, it’s evident when you first view an Anna Beck piece why it’s so unique and impossible to emulate. I’ve never seen a more beautiful collection in my life and absolutely love the ethics and values behind the brand, which support various charities through sales of certain pieces of jewellery.

I’d love to know what’s on your dressing table? Do you have a favourite designer who you wear all the time? Or is your jewellery box in need of some love? You can always get in touch with your stories and images of you #wearinglastnightidreamt or to book a jewellery consultation. Jewellery is something to treasure and deserves a special place on peoples’ dressing tables and it’s the stories behind those treasures that stand the test of time and live on in our hearts and minds.