I don’t know about you but I’m ready to ditch the sweatpants and start wearing frocks again! Like so many I binged Bridgerton earlier this year and swooned over the lustworthy attire the Bridgerton girls wondersome wardrobe. The velvet bags adorned with pearls, the elaborate headbands, the taffeta and the jewels. Regency heaven that had me floating on a fashion cloud. I didn’t just leave it at that though…I’ve been following a designer for a while now who set my jewellery radar going and strangely watching Netflix gave me the final nudge to invite the fabulously decadent and vintage inspired brand, Margaux Studios, to join the Last Night I Dreamt family of fabulous designers. In fact this brand is so in line with the Bridgerton look that star of the cult Netflix series, Nicola Coughlan has been photographed wearing several of the brand’s pieces. 

bridgerton style

Racy Regency

Regency dresses were famed for their floor length drop, raised waistlines, were often cut square and very low. Puffed sleeve barely covering the shoulders was the height of all trends in the Regency era and if you didn’t have all of the above then you could forget “coming out” at a debutant ball (as we see Daphne Bridgerton  do in the first episode of the cult series!) 

From Jewelled Button cardigans from Zara

bridgerton style

To pearl adorned shoes from Jimmy Choo

bridgerton style

The dress of dreams by Self Portrait

bridgerton style

To the equally stunning Shrimps dress

bridgerton style

My fave accessory brand and go to for all things OTT in my hair is Maison Archives London. Here’s me having a Bridgerton moment earlier this year. Shop my bow and these Bridgerton inspired headbands here. 

bridgerton style

So let’s talk Regency jewellery trends. 

We’ve got that one covered with our stunning new brand Margaux Studios as featured in Grazia, Elle, Vanity Fair, The Guardian, The Telegraph…I could go on. 

Margaux Studios is a romantic new jewellery & accessories brand from British designer Abigayil Swann, launched in 2020. Abigayyil says: 

“After nearly 10 years of working in the fast fashion industry, I became sick of working for brands that had very little moral, creative or sustainable principles. It was always about being the ‘first to market’ with trends that only lasted for a few months, and this put a huge amount of pressure on the designers, buyers, factories and environment. I decided to quit and set up a new jewellery brand that was sustainable, beautiful and offered a completely made-to order service”

My top 5 new Margaux Studios pieces  

Karenina necklace. As worn by our fave girl Sara Waiste and featuring in our LIVE on Instagram on Saturday 10th April. I have a feeling this one will be my go to! 


Let them eat cake earrings – Taking inspiring from the Marie Antoinette film by Sophia Coppola this is one of Margaux Studios best selling pieces and we can see why. We think you will love them! 


Sweet Treat necklace inspired by childhood beach holidays this best selling piece has a whimsical feel. We predict that this piece will fly out. 

MARGAUX STUDIOS jewellery stockist

Driving Miss Daisy necklace – This will be what I’ll be wearing this summer. I LOVE this piece featuring a single handblown in the Ukraine glass Daisy bead and made with freshwater rice pearls. J’adore!! 

Wanderlust bracelet – we love colour at Last Night I Dreamt and the Wanderlust bracelet is the perfect addition to our jewellery box with glass beads and freshwater pearls. Delish!  


This is one trend that we predict is here to stay. Love of vintage attire, sustainability and having pieces of clothing and jewellery made to order (the very opposite of fast disposable fashion) is something we here at Last Night I Dreamt champion. I for one will be rocking the Bridgerton look for many years to come! Welcome to the family Margaux Studios.