This season continues to move away from the delicate chain to gold chains that
pack a punch. The new look chain is far from subtle and makes a big statement.
Vintage Gucci inspired jewellery is making it’s way into many of the design led
brands and it’s a refreshing change from the subtle pendants we’ve seen in
recent years.

As in the world of fashion, jewellery trends often repeat themselves throughout
history. The watch chain being the biggest example of this! The earliest designs
were in the 16 th Century but it was the Albert watch chains, named after Prince
Albert who was consort to Queen Victoria until 1901, that have had the biggest
influence on jewellery we’re seeing today. The traditional Albert watch chain had
a bar at one to tuck inside a button hole. Today the T-bar bracelets, necklaces
and even earrings are amongst growing designs taking an influence from the old
Albert Watch chain.

One designer who does the chunky trend with impeccable style and a brand
that’s worn by fashionistas around the globe, is Tilly Sveaas. If you’re after
vintage inspired T bars, chunky bracelets & necklaces then Tilly is talking to you!


Another brand that we discovered this year is PHINE, a London based Swedish
jewellery brand setting a new benchmark in statement Scandi jewellery that is
“fierce and daring.” Using recycled silver and fair trade gold this ethical brand of
handmade jewellery has totally rocked our world at Last Night I Dreamt. From
Vogue to Grazia, the fashion community are all over Phine with countless
publications showcasing their jewels.

Rebecca loves the feminist necklace and the lioness pendant, both are strong
empowering pieces that promote a positive message for women.


Chunkier jewellery is not for the faint hearted but certainly is a very current
trend that we are currently seeing (with a clear nod back to historical roots!) So
layer up this winter with a beautiful knit and pair it with a chunky chain and
you’ll be bang on trend.