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Our Story




This year marks the 7th year since Last Night I Dreamt opened its doors in Southwell. Looking back I’m so proud of how far we’ve come as a small independent business. As I look ahead I’m excited to be taking a slice of the Last Night I Dreamt magic online.

At the start of 2015 I had no idea that I was about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of my life. Having worked for years in Television as a producer/director and then having had several years at home with my gorgeous children, Reuben and Beatrice, I never dreamed I would one day launch my own jewellery boutique. I had always had a passion for jewellery design and fashion and from a young age I used to rifle through my mum’s jewellery box, running Grandma Beatrice’s gold locket through my fingers and dreaming of treasures, as little girls do. So when a shop became available in Southwell, the little girl within who had once loved her Grandma’s jewellery suddenly started dreaming of her own jewellery story and Last Night I Dreamt was born.

I named the shop after the first line of the novel I was named after, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, “Last Night I Dreamt I went to Manderlay again.” The dreamy name was deeply personal to me and fits the dreamy boutique I hoped to create…full of treasures to captivate and pull at the heartstrings.

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My vision for Last Night I Dreamt has always been to be a beautiful and inviting space where everyone can discover a piece of jewellery that will be treasured forever. I wanted to create a boutique that on entering you don’t quite know where to look first, capturing people’s imagination with the eclectic styles, stories behind the designers and beautiful jewels they’re staring in wonder at.

Over the last few years I’ve come to see how significant jewellery can be for people. Jewellery is often purchased at significant milestones in a person’s life, whether it’s marking a marriage, birth of a baby, the loss of someone special and I’ve even sold a ring to mark someone’s divorce. Buying jewellery is an intimate experience and it’s such a privilege to share in a unique moment in someone’s life. I love seeing people leave the boutique with a smile on their face and knowing they’ve found something special and hopefully had a memorable experience at Last Night I Dreamt. Buying jewellery can be an emotional experience and we’ve had laughter and tears inside one little shop. It’s this personal approach that sets Last Night I Dreamt apart, making shopping at the boutique a truly unique experience and the reason why we have a high volume of returning customers and new people seeking us out.


With four designers in Liberty London and several in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick Bond Street, we have curated a beautiful selection of jewellery and a little slice of London in the heart of the Southwell bubble. I have hand selected pieces from around Britain and beyond and work closely with the very best British and international designers in the jewellery world. Each collection holds it’s own story and I love sharing these stories with my customers. With an array of handmade pieces, semi precious jewels and from timeless classics to cutting edge designs, Last Night I Dreamt holds the most stunning collections that are sure to entice.

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Our gorgeous boutique is situated in the beautiful town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Southwell, famed for it’s Minster, Southwell Races and home to the Bramley Apple, is full of quirky independent boutiques and cafes where you’re sure to find a unique gift or chill in one of our gorgeous eateries.

When stepping into Last Night I Dreamt people often say, “wow, it’s a treasure trove” and love the quirky way we’ve displayed things on books and kooky objects used as a backdrop to the stunning jewellery covered with Bell jars and the odd surprise thrown into the mix. We don’t do minimal but actually that’s why it’s so welcoming.

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I hope the website has the same personal touch as my boutique and that it will be a creative online space for people to shop for the very best jewellery designers, whist also engaging with the Last Night I Dreamt world! I’m excited to introduce Last Night I Dreamt to a wider audience and can’t wait for you to be part of our unique story. So welcome to our world and join us in our journey and dream away as you shop at Last Night I Dreamt. 

With love,

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