It can feel like there’s allot of pressure surrounding the New Year to make elaborate plans, resolve to do certain things and set often unreachable goals. But this can leave us feeling like we’ve failed before we’ve even begun. Our New Year goals often come from that place within us that desires perfection but the gap between those goals we set is, in reality, a vast ocean. Thus we begin the year already dissatisfied and disappointed with ourselves, with anything but a spirit of positivity at the new adventures that await us. For that reason, New Year, I’m out! I am however into the idea of the closing of an old chapter and being open hearted to new possibilities. That’s different. We are not setting a tight agenda for ourselves that we must achieve. Instead, opening our heart. A very different approach to the New Year and one I shall be practising.

At the start of 2020 did any of us have any idea of the year we were about to experience? Yet we still made our plans, set that new weight goal, made an exercise plan that we were never going to keep up and set the bar high. In a positive way lockdown has demonstrated to us all that simple things can bring comfort, that we will survive a day with no plans at all and it’s above all taught me that we need to keep our hearts open to the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. At its essence, hope and gratitude have been the values I’ve tried to cultivate this past year. So I’ll begin with what I’ve felt grateful for…

2020 saw lots of newness


orelia stockist

Libby wears Orelia. Shop the collection now.

I reflect back on 2020 for Last Night I Dreamt with amazement and a grateful heart. We had our best year to date in the year of a global pandemic. Now we could not have planned for that! We launched some fabulous new designers including Shoreditch jeweller Rachel Entwistle, the brand taking the jewellery world by storm, Motley London… both exclusive to us in our Nottingham jewellery store. Apples and Figs joined us in November and we introduced you to the wonderland of colour and magic of Wilhelmina Garcia. We are an exclusive stockist of Wilhelmnia Garcia in the East Midlands. Finally rounding off the newness with the arrival of Orelia. We want there to be something for everyone at Last Night I Dreamt and judging by how quickly we’ve sold out of certain lines we know Orelia hits that treat yourself without feeling guilty sweet spot! We are the only Nottingham stockist of Orelia. Five new designers in one horrific year who have joined the Last Night I Dreamt family of unrivalled jewellery designers in the UK and firmly established us as the leading jewellery shop in the East Midlands. Our Nottingham jewellery shop maybe small in size but it’s mighty which is probably why people drive to discover us from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and all over the Midlands! One shop, one location, one super strong brand identity! I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created and how we’ve expanded this year.  In the last 18 months we’ve sent out thousands of little white boxes and our iconic bags, beautifully packaged, all over the world. We’ve been blown away by how our Last Night I Dreamt family has grown. One wholly unique Nottingham Jeweller shaking up the world of jewellery and keeping others on their toes. London Jewellers, Last Night I Dreamt is firmly on the map as a jewellery brand to watch out for.

We reached 10K

nottingham jewellery

Reaching 10K on instagram was another momentous milestone for Last Night I Dreamt. We’ve worked hard to make our Instagram anything but the “perfect grid.” People connect with people, real, imperfect and our very personal to us feed couldn’t be any less “Instagramy” (you know what I mean right?! We’re not a fan of wanky, cold, dark, bland feeds!) We have hopefully connected with you guys with our podcasts, Instagram lives, giveaways and regular fresh content on our beautiful website. We have a wonderful online and insta family of real customers, who follow our stories, tag us in pics using our #wearinglastnightidreamt hashtag and who shop and engage with us in such a genuine way.  Although we’ve gifted a few pieces to some fabulous bloggers in the past, including @heartszeena and @sarawaiste this year, I can honestly say it’s been our own content and uniquely personal approach that has widened our Last Night I Dreamt family. Authentic, personal and real wins every time. 


Our Last Night I Dreamt candle has been purchased by so many of you over the last few years that we’ve expanded our lifestyle collection and created LNID at HOME! Our 100% natural soy wax aromatherapy candle is the most beautiful can’t be copied blend and we’ve introduced our LUXE HANDS cream! You can also look forward to our very own diffuser coming out later this month. One distinct blend that’s our iconic Last Night I Dreamt scent! Well that and our Amber perfume, that sold out of over Christmas, but I am pleased to say that is's now BACK IN STOCK!! Also, because we are so much more than just a Nottingham jewellery shop and we care about your mind, body and soul, we launched a dream journal! Journaling is such a positive journey for your mental health! Why not try writing 3 things each day that you’re grateful for in our Dream journal and see how you feel after a month of trying that?! Watch how practising gratitude helps your state of mind! You can journal whilst you have a cup of tea in our Last Night I Dreamt mug!

Exclusives at Last Night I Dreamt


Last year also saw the launch of two exclusive designs. Alex Monroe designed us our very own Rays of Love necklace which is currently sold out! We had 30 of them made and we’ve sold out! Shows how popular it’s been! Last Night I Dreamt is one of the main UK stockists of Alex Monroe and we couldn’t be prouder to have our own exclusive.  We have also just designed our very own Dream Ring with SVP jewellery. Inspired by our boutique name and the fact that at Last Night I Dreamt we are so much about helping you dream! Our dream cloud ring can be purchased here. We are one of the leading UK stockists of SVP jewellery and absolutely loved dreaming up this design with Sarah.

Archive Sale 2021

As we enter 2021 we are keeping our hearts open to the new possibilities that await. The door to our Nottingham jewellery boutique, Last Night I Dreamt in Southwell, may well be closed until further notice but we are busy dreaming some dreams and working behind the scenes and of course sending out lots of little Last Night I Dreamt packages! Our exclusive ARCHIVE SALE has had sprinkling of newness, including some limited edition Anna Beck pieces. Here are a few of our favourite archive sale purchases you can shop now:

Anna Beck Large Ribbed Hoops

anna beck jewellery

Was £265
NOW £185


Anna Beck Beaded Cushion and Large Teardrop Necklace

anna beck jewellery

Was £440
NOW £308


Anna Beck Hammered Cuff

anna beck jewellery stockist

Was £485
NOW £340


Anna Beck Long Scalloped Station necklace

anna beck stockist

Was £495
NOW £347


Claudia Bradby Siren 3 pearl hoop earrings

claudia bradby pearl stockist

Was £98
NOW £65


Mishky rainbow HOPE

mishky jewellery stockist

Was £40
NOW £20

Also in the sale, check out some new Claudia Bradby pieces like the Siren hoop 3 pearl earrings which are now £65 and the Rainbow collection by Mishky has also entered our exclusive archive sale, including this Hope bracelet which couldn’t be more relevant.

We are still here!

nottingham jewellery shop

Finally, a reminder that you can shop with us online, book virtual appointments over facetime and that we are open for CLICK & COLLECT Mon – Friday 11-1pm. As a little pick up up to brighten up this lockdown in January we also have a little 10% off code running whilst we are closed.


Sending you so much love and vibes of hope for this coming year. Let’s keep our hearts open to the fresh possibilities that await us in 2021.

Love Rebecca x