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Last Night I Dreamt Southwell

Our exclusive archive sale has launched today. We don’t believe in fast fashion and disposable jewellery trends and as such we've curated our archive sale with beautiful forever pieces of jewellery. Basically it’s your LAST CHANCE TO BUY these special pieces. What we don’t do is shove hundreds of heavily reduced items into a sale for a quick fix and to perpetuate the fast fashion culture we’ve all become so used to. Planning our archive sale has got me thinking about the DOs and DON’TS of sale shopping. So here’s my ultimate guide to shopping the sales and also my ultimate picks from our exclusive archive sale.

Wedding Jewellery - Last Night I Dreamt, Southwell

Is there a dream bag, coat, pair of boots you’ve been lusting after? Are these pieces timeless classics that will forever have a place in your wardrobe? You may just find that your favourite piece winds up in the January sales. For me, I’m looking to invest in a Vampires Wife Dress and very tempted by this beauty on Matches

Southwell clothes shop
Southwell home shop

Is there an ultimate bikini you’ll thank you yourself for buying when summer hits? The key to searching the sales is to fine tune your search and filter by brand what you’re after! A summer dress may hang in your wardrobe for months but you will think yourself come June (and if we are lucky, May!)

southwell wine shop

Are you missing the perfect performance parker or the ultimate court shoe? Is there a black tie event you know you need that sparkly dress for or a pair of boots you know you’ll wear year on year? Find the gaps and fill them carefully with sale pieces.

I discovered a pair of JW ANDERSON shoes in the COGGLES sale. I didn’t even think about it as I knew they’d be an investment and were (as dramatic as this sounds!) missing from my wardrobe!

southwell wine shop
baking shop southwell

Often it’s the independents that have the best deals. Here are 3 of my fave go to’s 

baking shop southwell

I found this Stine Goya jumper on a fave website of mine STUDIO B who have a fabulous sale and some amazing brands like Daily Sleeper. Take a look below.


I love THE DRESSING ROOM in St Albans and it’s one of my go to’s during Sale season. I love this dress which is perfect for spring!

bath shop southwell
southwell deli

Shopping in Southwell is THE BEST and honestly there’s no better place to find the ultimate sale forever (aka not disposable fast fashion sale churn!) than REAL CLOTHING. How’s this for a gorgeous forever dress?

florist southwell

Use the search bar function, whether you’re searching your favourite brand, size, colour or style. It will narrow down your search on websites like Net a Porter and help you find the perfect piece.

Southwell clothing

Mindless shopping or shopping when you’re at an emotional low leads to careless shopping mistakes. Love yourself and create special moments when you shop for the sales in a mindful not mindless way! I promise it’s the way forward so you don’t over shop… something I’m guilty of doing allot of in the past, particularly at low points! Be a mindful shopper. It will save your purse and save the planet.

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Buy less and buy well continues to be our motto to live by when it comes to jewellery and we think you’ll benefit from our advice on this. Spend a little bit more on a forever piece that will last. You’ll thank us.

vintage clothing southwell

We DON’T have a huge discounted sale. This is because we DON’T believe in fast fashion and lots of our jewellery sits outside of fashion trends. That said, we DO select special last chance to buy jewellery pieces for our exclusive jewellery archive sale.

Here’s our TOP PICK from our exclusive jewellery archive sale…


Happy sales shopping!

Love Rebecca x