Hello Autumn!

“In a Wonderland they lie
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summer die.”

Autumn is my all time favourite season. I’m like a kid when I spot as conker (Bea and I spent hours the other day collecting conkers in one of our secret spots in beautiful countryside around Southwell) and there’s something about that first log fire and hunkering down as the evenings darken. Autumn is also an exciting time in our Nottingham Jewellery shop, Last Night I Dreamt, located in the perfect Autumnal town, Southwell.

Nottingham Jewellery Shop Daniella Draper Stockist

We love Autumn so much we’ve really gone to town with our latest shop window installation. We like to give Peggy Porschen and the shop front widow displays in Chelsea, the orignal Ivy in London and Petersham Nurseries a run for their money and bring a slice of Belgravia to the Bubble. In fact with our fabulous array of British & Internationally renowned jewellery designers and the fact we exclusively stock several brands, combined with our magical store front designs, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine Last Night I Dreamt at home as a jewellery shop in London. But hey ho, we’ll settle for being a Nottingham jeweller in beautiful Southwell.

Jewellery Shop Nottingham Soru Stockist



Back to the window though... Alice in Wonderland magical Autmnal wonderment awaits with this years shop front. Slightly mad oversized mushrooms, moss pots and purple heathers, pumkins, bramley apples (the Bramley Apple Festival may not be happening in quite the same way this year, but we’re hoping that we will have the winning Southwell shop window! If not, I’m resigning!) and look closely and you’re sure to find some spooky discoveries. At the heart of our window and past windows lies a desire to bring some beauty and positivity to those who see it. We are still living through very weird times and I know I’ve struggled with the lack of hope and no end in sight. This quote from Alice in Wonderland has stayed with me, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.” As our dreamy boutique name, Last Night I Dreamt suggests, the act of dreaming and getting lost in ones imagination is so important, particularly now. Maybe that’s why we’ve experienced a really busy spell in the shop as people want to visit a place that inspires dreaming. Whilst folk tell me our neighbouring city centre and the shops in Nottingham are quiet (beyond the obvious bottle necks of Primark and Zara!), Southwell and Last Night I Dreamt has been drawing a crowd and experienced a busy few months. I do think it’s a time where people are needing to dream. To treat themselves, to experience beauty, to encounter a lovely calm boutique in a beautiful town that feels, not only safe, but really rather lovely and uplifting. We hope you’ll love our window creation this Autumn and that you can take a moment to dream and imagine.

Rachel Jackson Jewellery UK

Speaking of dreams...we’ve had a few dreamy drops instore that we wanted to tell you about. Rachel Jackson London has released a new Zodiac Art Collection. We are all about connection at Last Night I Dreamt, so the idea of a collection which is inspired by connecting with yourself and those around you, really excites us. Also new in our Rachel Jackson cabinet...the oversized statement initial necklace. Rebecca is all over hers. We have a letter J and a letter L in stock. At £195 they’re a real treat and we will be ordering them in for people on request. Do get in touch to place your order here...especially if you had Christmas in mind!

Mishky Jewellery UK Stockist

We’ve had an Autumnal drop of Mishky too which has already proven to be a big hit. I’m sure it won’t surprise you but Last Night I Dreamt is one of the main stockists of Mishky Jewellery in the UK...a fact we are very proud of! We think you’ll love the new Autumn Winter 2020 Mishky collection. From earthy tones, lush leopard prints, black evil eyes, cresecent horns and magical stars, this season’s Mishky is bang on and bringing all the positive energy we need right now. Plus the whole ethos behind a brand that supports mums by giving them the skill of hand beading, paying them a fair wage whilst they work from home and support their families in impoverished communities in Columbia, is something we are super proud to support. On that front we’d love to hear your thoughts on designing a Last Night I Dreamt exclusive handmade friendship bracelet for the boutique. What word would you like to have on the bracelet? What colour would you like to be? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Help us design our next exclusive piece! Contact us here with your ideas for our exclusive Mishky piece. You never know we may pick your idea!

Alex Monroe Stockist

On the exclusive front we are expecting our Alex Monroe x Last Night I Dreamt exclusive Rays of Love necklace (as worn by our fave Nottingham girl, Vicky McClure and fave blogger Sara Waiste (of Waiste Vintage) to be back in stock this month. Until then we do have the Rays of Hope necklace which you can shop here from our handmade in London British jewellery designer Alex Monroe! As you can see our theme of dreaming and positivity runs deep! We are keeping it fresh too and bringing you a brand new designer later this month, along with newness from yet another exclusive in our Nottingham Jewellery Store, London jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu at Last Night I Dreamt.

Our instore exclusives of British Jewellery brand Daniella Draper and Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and every A lister’s favourite British Jewellery brand, Soru Jewellery have seen a refresh too with a gorgeous full cabinet just in time for Autumn. We may not stock the much sought after Cartier Love bracelet in Nottingham’s mini liberty but we are the only stockist of Daniella Draper in Nottingham outside her own boutiques and we are the main stockist of Soru jewellery in Nottingham so do pop in and view our instore exclusives.

Nottingham Designer Jewellery stockist

We hope you’re able to pop to Southwell to visit us throughout Autumn and take in our beautiful window but if you’re shopping with us from further afield we are sending you all the love and positive vibes from Last Night I Dreamt. Enjoy the season of mists...

With love

Rebecca x

P.S. To discover more about events in Southwell and the Bramley festival head to www.visitsouthwell.com