How to wear jewellery

The Last Night I Dreamt online jewellery community is a sociable one and you love getting in touch with your pictures, reviews and questions. So we thought what better way to celebrate what an interactive bunch you are than take some of your most frequently asked questions and turn them into a jewellery blog on our sparkly website! So without further a do, over to your jewellery FAQs…

Are there any rules/tips for curating your ear?

metier jewellery

We don’t like rules when it comes to jewellery and think it’s important to buy what you love but when it come to styling your ears we are here to help. Start by knowing your piercings. Read a recent Rebecca’s Edit all about the Curated Ear here. Our Nottingham Jewellery shop is one of the only UK stockists of Astrid & Miyu London (outside their own shops) We are so excited about our newest solid gold jewellery brand to join our family of unrivalled designers, Métier by Tom Foolery London. We’ve been shouting loud about solid gold for a while now and have also got a gorgeous offering of fine solid gold pieces from Rachel Jackson London. We are the leading stockist in Nottingham stockist of Rachel Jackson London holding the largest collection of her sparkles and have an exclusive on her solid gold single stud earring offering. Our solid gold game is strong and you can read all about the difference between gold vermeil, gold plate, gold filled and solid gold in Rebecca’s recent blog. Know what you’re buying! Some jewellers seem to be selling allot of brass based jewellery right now. They may not even let you know what the base metal is! Ask the question and get informed. We’d advise solid gold being the very best thing to pop in your ear.

metier jewellery

Perhaps our biggest tip is to forget matchy matchy and more is more! Get creative with your piercings from adding colourful semi-precious gemstones like Turquoise claw pear stud by Métier and team it with a hoop, add a plaque or two onto the hoop, you can even add a chain and attach it to another earring! You could even add a diamond or two from either Rachel Jackson London or Métier. Finally we adore the single tiny Alex Monroe single bee stud in solid 18k gold. 

We are here to help either instore or by virtual appointment and you can book an appointment here. Have fun with your piercings and think about buying less but buying well. 

I have lots of silver jewellery that has tarnished. How do I clean it please? 

Anna beck silver jewellery

We get asked this allot. According to leading jewellery experts, you should clean our gold-plated sterling silver jewellery with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. We recommend steering clear of harsh chemicals that you find in treated jewellery cloths, which could damage the plating. Alex Monroe gave us the top tip of using a toothbrush and mild soapy detergent water to get excess dirt off. Jewellery is extra sensitive to creams and perfumes and simply cleaning your jewellery in this way can massively help restore your sparkles back to their former glory. Think about how you store your jewellery. We sell inexpensive jewellery boxes from Estella Bartlett London in our Nottingham jewellery store and have more arriving just in time for Christmas. Use them! We recommend using little pouches for each piece of jewellery. Finally, live by this mantra...

jewellery care advice

Yep! We have several naughty customers coming in to visit our Nottingham jewellery shop who ignore this and sleep and shower in their jewellery. This will impact on the lifespan of your sparkles so listen up and live by the above! For more information on how to care for your jewellery read our jewellery care guide. 

What are your favourite jewellery pieces at the moment?

I mean, where do we start? Our online jewellery shop and Nottingham jewellery boutique honestly holds the best collection of designers in the UK when it comes to jewellery and it’s hard to choose between them. However, we are currently obsessed with the solid gold collection by Métier. 

metier jewellery

Rebecca is hankering after the solid gold Métier Eiffel Heavy Chain with Swivel and would like to add the Métier First Love Mother of Pearl Plaque which she’d also add onto one of the Métier Round Clicker Hoops.

metier jewellery stockist

Top of the Christmas list is the new Rachel Jackson solid gold Mini Electric Goddess necklace. We were the first to launch this gorgeous mini drop of fine and it’s been well received in our Nottingham jewellery shop. 

rachel jackson necklace

Solid Gold Mini Electric Goddess Necklace - £235

I mean we could go on but as there are more questions to answer, our third fave piece that we predict will be a sell out on our online jewellery store and in our Nottingham jewellery store is the Margaux Studios Karenina necklace I mean the whole collection is to die for and we are one of the few Margaux Studios stockists in the UK. We fully expect to be one of our top selling brands this Christmas! 

margaux studio jewellery stockist

Karenina necklace - £170

I’m always good at buying jewellery for everyone else but never for me. Please help!

Right girlfriend, listen up! Where’s the self-love? Treating yourself sometimes is ok. In fact I’d say it’s a positive thing that can feed the soul. We love seeing how people leave our Nottingham jewellery shop in Southwell. We’ve had tears and laughter flowing all in good measure and people always leave having purchased something for themselves, feeling a little bit better about themselves. Start valuing yourself enough to give yourself the gift of jewellery sometimes. I promise that it will lift your spirits. It could be something as small as a piece from Estella Bartlett (plated brass but a cute little guilt free gift to you!) or a handbeaded Mishky bracelet! Or if you’re needing a bit of hope shop this beauty from our jewellery shop in Nottingham Keishi pearl necklace by July Child with Nottingham’s finest jeweller, Last Night I Dreamt. Or why not really treat yourself with one of our EXCLUSIVES at Last Night I Dreamt, like the new A dreamer I walked enchanted necklace by Claudia Bradby (a quote from the novel our shop name came from, Rebecca) or our exclusive Rays of love necklace by Alex Monroe. Begin your jewellery journey Anyone who steps through our doors never fails to leave empty handed and always say it’s the loveliest jewellery shop they’ve ever found. 

pearl necklace

A dreamer I walked enchanted  £135-£165

alex monroe jewellery

Rays of Love necklace £165

Layering tips please!

how to layer jewellery

We spend allot of time with our customers talking about how to layer necklaces. From layering Claudia Bradby’s Essential Pearl Necklace with her best selling Lariet necklace to getting that boho luxury look with layering from our Anna Beck collection. 

My rules for layering is think odd! Bit like floristry, 3s and 5s! More is more and bollocks to the less is more idea. Bore off! 

So here are 3 necklaces we would layer together…

Layer 1: Anna Beck Grey Sapphire Collar Choker

Layer 2: Anna Beck Grey small grey Sapphire Pendant

Layer 3: Finally add in one of the new Anna Beck chains from their recent chain collection launch. Shop the full Anna Beck collection here.

But am I too old to layer? What are your thoughts? 

Where do we get these ridiculous rules from! We spend allot of time undoing myths with customers and getting them to play a new tape (yes I was born in 78 and was a child of the 80s and remember cassettes!) in their head! The answer to this one is NO…absolutely not! I will say nothing more on this but enjoy playing with jewellery and discover the art of layering. We are happy to give you a layering consultation. Get in touch with us here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some answers to your FAQs. Do keep your questions coming as we always love to hear from you and happy shopping.

Love Rebecca x