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Your top ten guide on getting engaged and what to do when.

A little known fact about me is that my husband rather embarrassingly proposed on Valentine’s Day almost 19 years ago! He knew I’d be surprised by this as I always said “whatever you do NEVER PROPOSE ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!” In an ironic twist to our love story he decided to catch me out and proposed on a stormy day in the pouring rain in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside with a silver rolo (who remembers the last rolo?) He got the God’s country bit right! Jokes aside, I wouldn’t change a thing.

At the start of the month of love and as we head towards Valentine’s Day 2023 and the anniversary of my own engagement, I thought I’d focus this months blog on engagements rings. Since launching our new flagship jewellery store in Nottingham, Southwell we’re selling allot of engagement rings to newly engaged couples. Our in-house bespoke service is launching in 2023 and this will mean we can create your dream engagement ring in our Nottingham, Southwell studio. With engagement rings on our mind this month, here’s our guide to finding your perfect ring.

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Before investing CHECK what is meant by bespoke. We will be offering an IN HOUSE Bespoke engagement ring service in Nottingham, Southwell where your jewellery will be designed and made by us at our workshop space upstairs. When a company says they offer bespoke, are they discussing your ring but everything else (including sketches, CAD drawings and the making process) is happening elsewhere? Thats fine if you’re happy with that, but if words like “in-house” are used, just double check you’re happy with the service that’s being offered and that you’re getting a genuine bespoke service you’re happy with.

Nottingham bespoke engagement rings
nottingham engagement rings

For the diamond lover, it’s really important to understand the 4C’s before you buy a diamond. We focus allot of the 4C’s when selling diamond rings in our Nottingham jewellers in Southwell.

Here’s a brief overview of the 4Cs:

Cut: This refers to a grading of how well a diamond is cut, which affects how it captures light.

Color: This is a measurement of how colorless a white diamond is.

Clarity: This reverts to the grading of how flawless a diamond is, both internally and externally.

Carat: Referring to a weight measurement that can give you an idea of how large a diamond is.

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How do you know what’s most important? Well, most jewellery experts will tell you it’s all about the cut! Yes the 4C’s are important but MOST IMPORTANT and listen to this… it’s all about the cut! A well cut diamond reflects the light and we do so want a sparkler!

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An engagement ring is a forever piece. Many of our rings are made to order whether you’re buying a designer we already hold, like our V BY LAURA VANN ENGAGEMENT RINGS or ALEX MONROE ENGAGEMENT RINGS. It’s rare you’ll be lucky enough to walk away with one of our pre-designed and made engagement rings, so allow time for your ring to be made. We have an Alex Monroe engagement ring and wedding band on order at the moment. They’re being made from their in-house London studio and this will take 11 weeks. Allow time!! It’s worth waiting for a ring you’ll have for the rest of your life is it not?


The old advise was save up 3 months salary. Our advise, work with an engagement ring budget that works for you. If you can only afford 9ct then although 18ct is the optimum for engagement rings in the UK, go with 9ct. The 9ct won't take as much wear and tear over time as the 18ct, but this is reflected in the price.

We are passionate about finding an engagement ring for everyone, so whether you’re budget is £500 or £10,000 or skys the limit, our Nottingham Engagement Ring service at Last Night I Dreamt is here to help.

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There are options when it comes to what your engagement ring is made from. Most commonly, 18ct gold, 18ct white gold and platinum are popular choices in the UK for engaged couples. We give alternative options for those on more of a budget or wanting a super simple design. 9ct gold is a great option for a reduced price point but with all of the beauty. The 9ct gold won't take as much wear and tear over time and may need some maintenance in the future. 

Our METIER RING COLLECTION is a great option for stunning 9ct gold rings. You can shop our full collection here.

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Our consultation room is a private space away from the main shop where you and your partner can look at engagement rings over a glass of fizz or a cuppa if you wish! Everything from start to finish will feel personal at Last Night I Dreamt from hand drawn sketches, to one to one attention in a private space. Contact the store to BOOK a private Engagement Ring consultation at our Nottingham studio with our team here.

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When it comes to engagement rings, aftercare is just as important. Our bespoke engagement ring workshop will offer a cleaning service. We have always had a handy guide for how to look after your jewellery on our website which included tips on cleaning your engagement ring with a toothbrush in mild soapy detergent (funnily enough!!) If your engagement ring needs a bit more attention then let us take a look. Our engagement ring aftercare service in Nottingham is just as important as buying the ring itself!

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Have you got your own design in mind? Or have you got an old ring of your Grandma’s you’d like resetting? Tell us! We will be offering a custom made service in our Nottingham bespoke jewellery workshop. Repurposing jewellery and breathing life back into your jewellery is something we love doing at Last Night I Dreamt. We also love hearing the beautiful stories behind an old piece. Which leads me onto…

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We cannot wait to be part of your story and to hear the journey of how you met, what your dreams are for your special day and how we can best make your dream engagement ring a reality. The name Last Night I Dreamt began inside a story (Rebecca) and we always say how stories lie at the heart of what we do. So book your engagement ring appointment now at our Nottingham jewellery boutique in Southwell and let’s begin the exciting journey together of finding your perfect engagement ring!

In the mean time here are our top five rings:

nottingham engagement rings
unique engagement rings nottingham
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emerald cut engagement rings nottingham

Love Rebecca x